• white cis male: i can't believe that my whole family died in that horrific car crash who am i meant to turn to now i'm alone all alone
  • *that* tumblr user: um you're a white CIS MALE you are LITERALLY ON THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN you SEXIST PIG

u lie in a pile of 419 dead bodies. you choose to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of internet humour, and in death, finally contribute to society. 





Draft 1: The “Shit Cishets say about LGBTQIAP+ representation in Harry Potter” Bingo card. 


Not a headcanon, but i feel it fits

Seriously, though. Dumbledore’s sexuality was in no way relevant to the books. It didn’t need to be brought up. At all. Why does his sexuality matter? It doesn’t. He’s gay. He’s not made to be obviously gay. That isn’t his character. His sexuality doesn’t define his character, and it WOULD have been inappropriate for Harry to know his sexuality. IT. IS. NOT. RELEVANT.

1. Yes it was relevant. It was integral to his entire backstory with Gellert. It is just as important to the plot as Snape’s feelings for Lily. 

2. It matters because LGBTQIAP+ youth deserve representation. 

3. No, his sexuality doesn’t define his character, but if it’s supposed to be part of his character, then it should actually be stated. 

4. No, it would not be any more inappropriate than for Harry to know about Hagrid, or Remus, or Snape’s sexuality (which he did.) 

Stop trying to defend the disgusting heteronormative portrayal of LGBTQIAP+ characters in Harry Potter. 

I agree with theatricallittlebitch, the sooner we stop making a massive deal out of the sexuality of a person, the sooner that that individual will be made to feel accepted as a part of normal civilisation. I don’t see why mentioning the sexuality of dumbledore would have mattered, the sexuality of the other character’s was implied but not bluntly stated.  



The biggest thing that annoys me about this site is that most people on here are nicer to lgbt, black females than to cis, white males. Now I understand completely how much more privileges the male has, but he can’t help that. We are all human beings at the end of the day so if we are seriously striving for equality then surely a person’s race, sexuality or gender shouldn’t factor into how we treat another human being.

Feel free to call me out on this if you disagree, cos I’m interested in other people’s views on this

"You know what bothers me? That this is the one place I have ever encountered where cis men aren’t able to flagrantly insult and step on queer lack women without getting called out on it. And I don’t like that." 

Do you hear yourself? 

you’re completely manipulating what the original poster has said

lmao please get off of your high horse and acknowledge that the original poster has a point




Report: U.S. Still Leads World With Highest Density Of Kevins

my neighbors used to have a dog named Kevin I hope he was included in this census

he was

We Need To Talk About Kevin.

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when u boutta prove a bitch how wrong they are


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sorry but can we just reach an agreement that australia and the uk collectively had the weirdest children’s television entertainment ever?



why didn’t the firemen put out the fire in the factory?

because the factory makes fires.  it’s a fire factory.  thats its job

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Whenever I feel sorry for myself I just take a look at this

saying that you can’t be sad because others could have it worse is like saying you can’t be happy because someone could have it better. this man just gets his dick hard by making people with depression and eating disorders feel like shit.

If we can save this photo set and turn back the clock to Onision’s Air Force days and show this to him, would he listen to it? F*CK NO! THAT UNGRATEFUL BASTARD!

the kind of mindset gerg wants to place into his bananadrone’s minds is not something that should be put into place for people who have actual mental health issues.

listen, i’ve complained about my job more times than i can count. but then i think to myself “you know what, other people don’t have jobs. i’m very lucky to have a job so i should cut the bullshit.”

telling people who have mental illnesses not to be sad or telling people who have compulsion issues not to give in to their compulsions shows a completely juvenile way of thinking and an ignorance to real world issues. 

this man has a very limited grasp on the world outside of his “comedy” channel and results from the first page of a google search.

i wouldn’t trust him to write his name legibly on a piece of loose leaf paper.

you are not a pussy for something you have no control over.

you cannot be “cured” of a mental illness by some 28-year-old jackass over the internet bullying people into his version of mental health.

don’t listen to greg and his shitty haircuts and faux mustaches.

he is a cunt. the end.

as an a level psychology student who is currently looking into clinical psychology and mental disorders, i can’t even begin to express how ignorant this is

you can’t cure depression through simply saying ‘stop being unhappy you ungrateful piece of shit,’ it’s like saying to a cancer patient ‘can you just try not having cancer?’ Depression can ultimately be caused by a deficit of serotonin in the brain, or be triggered by a shitty event, such as the death of a family member. Long story short - if you get depression, it’s a coping mechanism. It’s your brain reacting sanely to an insane world. So don’t let some douchebag on the internet tell you that you are ‘ungrateful,’ because you’re not ungrateful, you’re ill, and being ill is a completely human thing to be. Being ignorant, however, is not. 



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it’s a metaphor